Like a chef in the kitchen, it begins by finding only the finest raw ingredients. I find just the right locations and shoot in the best light to create substance of the highest quality. Blending different ingredients and flavours to create a seamless sensory experience, just like a polished finished product of a photo.

The thing about being a photographer is that I must see something in landscapes and urban environments that another eye may not see. Expanding on this, composite photography allows me to be even more deliberate and selective, catching light and fragments of beauty that may go unnoticed. If I like a certain rock formation, sky, or mountain view, I can shoot them separately and then work them together to create a final image. As a photographer, I get the opportunity to take a moment and capture its beauty and paint it in its highest potential for the world to see.


Creativity is a pinch of repetition, a problem solved, a generous serving of pure inspiration and a dash of madness without care. Working with a collective group of creative minds brings an entirely new toolbox to all of my ideas and concepts. Collaborating is, hands down, the best part of any creative exercise. It just feels even more profound to achieve something shared or co-created than it does on your own. Finding the right creative partner is the key, whether your creative partner is a camera, a perfect location or another human. The collaboration creates magic.